Properties for rent

Fairway Preserve is a Condominium

There is no rental office onsite

Please do not contact the association or management about units for rent, management does not keep any type of list of properties available.

However there are many owners who rent their properties, please contact them directly about their listings on Craigslist, Zillow or any other website you may have found a unit listed.

If you are engaging with an owner or property manager for an owner with regard to looking to rent a unit from an individual owner there is an application that must be made to the community as part of the approval process for any private rental.
Below is a link to the community application for rental that must be completed, it is an online application that once completed shall be forwarded to association management for review.  Each adult occupant in a unit MUST submit this application as part of the approval process for renting a unit, each applicant must complete their own application.

A credit or debit card is necessary to complete application, the cost is $75 and the screening company charges a $5 credit card processing fee for a total of $80 per applicant.

Once completed management will reach out to unit owner as to whether applicant is approved and at that time a lease may be executed.

The final step in the community rental application is attending a MANDATORY orientation, please call or email management for time and date, move in WILL NOT be approved until orientation is attended.

Management office (239) 596-5380
email - [email protected]

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