Parking notices

Handicap Parking Spaces

There are designated handicap parking spaces at each condominium building with 2 at the clubhouse.  These are unreserved spaces designated for those persons/vehicles who possess state issued handicap designations.

Sometimes vehicles park in designated handicap parking with no apparent indication that they have the authority to do so. 

The authority to park in a designated handicap parking spot is one that is granted by the Florida DMV (or other state DMV’s).  The responsibility to enforce handicap parking is the purview of the Collier County Sheriff’s department or other law enforcement officials.

The Association Board of Directors, management and staff do not ‘police’ the handicap parking spaces, association Board Members and staff ARE NOT law enforcement.  The reason the association and its staff do not ‘police’ handicap parking is that it is not always clear if a person DOES have permission to use the space but neglected to post their designation, it may also be a vehicle picking up or dropping off a person who possesses the designation. 

If you feel the vehicle may be in violation of handicap parking rules you may call the sheriffs department and request a deputy investigate, should a deputy issue a ticket in error or if a person produces evidence of rights to use the space they may have the ticket dismissed.

If you wish to post a notice on a vehicle that maybe in violation of statutory handicap parking rules you may print and post the warning below, should a person be parking without authority this should cause them to stop parking in this manner.

You may send a report with a picture to the association email ([email protected]) which shall be kept on file should the matter be investigated by the sheriffs department, if the vehicle is identified as belonging to a community resident that does not have authority to use handicap parking the association will also follow up with said resident and violations can be issued.

Thank you.

Board of Directors

Fairway Preserve at Olde Cypress, CAI.

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