Hurricane Ian

To community members not in Florida, let me summarize as best as possible the current situation in Collier County and Fairway Preserve in particular.

Granted you may have seen video footage that I have not, I did not have TV, internet or cellular during storm and cell service is still spotty.

Fairway Preserves power returned sometime around 11:30 last night, internet service is also back up.

Some residents probably stayed with friends that have power, many stayed put in their unit, if you are trying to contact a resident or your tenant you may wish to stick to texting or messaging.

Preliminary inspections show no obvious signs of damage to any buildings.

We lost a couple of trees and there is a lot of leaf debris.

Power seems to be returned to the general neighborhood although I have not ventured past Fairway, CCSO advises people only travel when and where they need to go and not go 'sightseeing'.

North Naples in general from what I can gather survived in fairly good shape.

Of course I'm sure everyone is seeing the video from downtown, Marco & Vanderbilt Beach, it was as bad as it looked, the storm surge was quick, powerful and brutal.

Many residents have lost their homes, the clean up in Collier will likely be 'reasonably quick', the recovery will take much longer.

Bonita Beach north is in very bad shape along the coastline some of the tourist areas you may have visited along the beach are just no longer there, but again I'm sure you have seen plenty of video footage of that.

Thank you.